Activity Books for all ages to challenge and enhance your creativity.

Activity Books by Chris Curtis. I produce and publish a range of books including Puzzle Books and Colouring Books for both Adults and Children.

Are you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or carer looking for some fun activity books to keep your kids busy?

Or maybe you are after more intricate colouring books, journals or puzzle books for adults.

These books are available from my Amazon Store and also many of my activity books are available as a Digital Download from my Etsy Store.

Colouring Books.

It used to be that only kids loved to colour, but now studies have shown that colouring actually reduces stress and is beneficial for adults, too.

Colouring-in is much more than a fun way of keeping your kids entertained. It is also a very important tool in your child’s development. It can enhance their motor skills, teach them how to hold a pencil properly and improve their coordination and handwriting.

Colouring Books For Adults.

Many of the benefits for children can equally apply to adults. We know that colouring relieves stress and enhances creativity, but is has been shown to be especially useful to people who suffer from anxiety.

Over the past few years, using colouring books has evolved from simply being something for kids to do into a recognised form of meditation and therapy for grown-ups.

You may think that colouring is a fairly whimsical pastime, but if you think about it, when did you last sit down and do something just for the fun of it?

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Brain Teaser Puzzles

A common theme for all puzzles and activity books is that they should challenge us in some way. There is something really satisfying about solving even simple puzzles, let alone the more complex ones.

That is why puzzles can be very relaxing. Whether it is doing crosswords, finding hidden words in a wordsearch or placing the final piece in a 1000 piece jigsaw, that feeling of satisfaction is what we are aiming to achieve.

Scientists tell us that doing puzzles that challenge our mental abilities do more than just give us a "Brain Tease". They make us mentally stronger, more agile, therefore making us better able to solve problems in our daily lives.

Activity Books.

My range of Activity Books include Word Games, Mazes and Kakuro Puzzles.

Again, I have activity books that are great for kids, and more challenging ones for older children and adults.

These are also available from Amazon as a physical paperback or as a digital download from Etsy.

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