Fairies Of The Forest.
An Adult Colouring Book.

The Fairies Of The Forest invite you to relax and enter their mystical fairy realm. See these sensual and mysterious beings and be at one with nature.

Here you can express your artistry and creativity by colouring in these beautiful and mythical fairies.

Fairies Of The Forest.

Over the past few years, using colouring books has evolved from simply being something for kids to do into a recognised form of meditation and therapy for grown-ups. 

Colouring is a form of meditation equal to the more traditional ways. Colouring images such as these fairies of the forest can help you to experience the benefits of meditation such as inner calm and peacefulness.

Fairies are a great subject for colouring in. Involve yourself in this fantasy world. These detailed images are especially for teenagers and adults. 

These Fairies Of The Forest can be any colour or mix of many colours. They can be dark and foreboding or they can be light and airy. They can be creatures of the night or romantic and playful. The only limit is your imagination. 

You may think that colouring is a fairly whimsical pastime, but if you think about it, when did you last sit down and do something just for the fun of it? 

Setting aside a period of me-time for yourself, or as a family activity, is crucial for maintaining your mental health. It is also great fun! 

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Origins Of Fairies Of The Forest.

A fairy is a sort of mythical being or fabled creature often found in European folklore. A sort of spirit, frequently distinguished as metaphysical, supernatural or preternatural. 

Fairies can also be found as assorted beings of other mythologies, although even the folklore that uses the word fairy has many different meanings. 

Occasionally the word describes any magical being, including hobgoblins or gnomes: at other times, the word only depicts a particular sort of more supernal being or sprite. 

They are often referred to as by names like wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, and so forth.

Fairies are broadly described as human in appearance and having magical ability. Their roots are less clear in folklore, being either dead, or some sort of devil, or a species totally independent of human beings or angels.

The idea of "fairy" in the narrow sense is unique to English folklore, blending Germanic elves with influences from Celtic and Ro(French) stories, and afterwards made "diminutive" according to the Victorian  idea of  "fairy tales" for youngsters.

For more information on the history of Fairies visit... Historic UK - The Origins Of Fairies

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